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Johann Smith

Full-Time Investor
(Player Last Active: March 26, 2021, 3:00 PM)

Level: Deity (Level 14)
Fame: Distinguished (Level 37)
Networth: $139,630,116,630,804.72 ($139 T)
Cash: $139,630,116,630,804.72 ($139 T)
Age: 364


I am making heavy use of the b2b market, both to sell and buy products. Note that I only buy products that satisfy the following constraints:
  • Products that I actually require.
  • That have a quality of 100 or above.
  • That aren't overpriced, i.e. the price should be at most wholesale_price * (1 + quality/50), rounded to next cent.
Note that this formula matches the way the game itself estimates value, e.g. for networth evaluations or for the MSRP (though there the actual cost is taken into account as well). Of course my own offerings on the b2b market follow that same formula. Note that I only just recently raised the quality limit from 80 to 100, and during this transition period I will keep selling (and acquiring) some products in the 80-100 quality range (of course priced as appropriate).

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