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Yi Huiman

Full-Time Investor
(Player Last Active: February 28, 2021, 9:20 PM)

Level: Deity (Level 14)
Fame: Recognized (Level 31)
Networth: $184,466,735,434,741,568.00 ($184 Q)
Cash: $184,466,735,434,741,568.00 ($184 Q)
Age: 324


Started off wanting to supply the virtual world with metals of decent quality with the best prices. Trying to gain enough capital to become the largest purchaser of metals/industrial products with my J.P. MORGAN CHASE company. The Chinese are probably going to take over! The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China will soon take over large scale buying. J.P. Morgan Chase will be restructuring for a few months to come back better than ever. All companies are named after real-world companies. I plan on using the b2b market to buy & sell until I can support myself through store sales and finally move to large b2b purchasing of metals/industrial products. My other companies provide me with raw materials as well as products to sell on b2b but aren't anything more than experimental areas I'm using to build research buildings for new product lines. My main goal is to be able to be a stable buyer that has enough capital to keep my b2b requests from lapsing. I'd like to be self sufficient with the ability to buy large quantities of others products to hopefully support a reasonable price structure for the products my company demands, while still insuring newer players and even large producers can make very reasonable profits off my buying. Let's hope I don't break the bank before I get this right.

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